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As throwing axes can seem to be unsafe, we do many things with our mobile unit to help our participants stay safe, including going over safety precautions before throwing, caging so the axes do not get away from the trailer, as well as axe master to keep an eye out to watch out for unsafe acts and proper throwing form.

Learning to throw axes is very easy. Mastering axe throwing can take time. The AXE-PERT is there to help you tweak where you stand and how you throw to help you succeed.

As mobile axe throwing is safe, Moving Targets CLE does not recommend throwing is you are pregnant, have a heart condition, recent major surgery, back problems, or cannot stand or an extended period.

You must have on CLOSED TOE SHOES. Other than that, dress for the weather, this is an outside event, unless you have arranged an inside location to park the trailer. You will be required to complete our online wavier before participating.

What happens if the weather is bad the day of the event?

Moving Targets CLE mobile axe throwing wants to make sure you have a great time. With rain or snow, which can cause dangerous axe throwing conditions Moving Targets CLE will allow you to cancel the event with a full refund minus service fees or move your event to a different day. We do require a 4-hour notice to receive a refund or change of event with no extra charge. Moving Targets CLE does have the final say as to if we are to cancel the event. Moving Targets CLE can also pause activity if the weather creates unsafe conditions. If weather persists to the point we cannot continue play, Moving Targets CLE will rain check your remaining time for another day when the trailer is available. PLEASE REMEMBER, THE FINAL DECISION ON MOVING OR CANCELING AN EVENT WILL BE FROM A MOVING TARGETS CLE MEMBER.

We have trained team members, posted signs and safety instructions.


From my end it does not. If this is to be held at a public location, please contact your local municipality

We do not allow anyone under the age of 12 to throw, and anyone under 18 years of age must have their legal guardian with them during axe throwing. The guardian is not required to participate but must be present.


With the mobile unit the length of time can vary depending on multiple factors. Group size, game play, free throw just to name a few. Most games can be played in under 30 minutes.

We have limited time available. Recommended to plan 6 weeks out, but check the calendar for available dates. 

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Day of Event

When we arrive, we setup two targets, we secure the trailer so that it is stable. As the ground does not need to be perfectly level, we do ask that where you plan to have the trailer setup the ground is not on a hill or slope. We then go over safety and technique. Next, it is on you and the fun begins.

We ask that you have a somewhat flat surface. If you are not on a hill or slope, we should have no issues.

Our trailer needs a 9X23FT space to set-up the mobile unit. Please be aware you will have to have a way for the trailer to get pulled back to the throwing area as well. To ensure there is enough space for us to pull in and setup, please send pictures or a video of the entrance and the area which the trailer will be setup on. This way I can determine if we can squeeze in. We also ask that you send us the names of the 2 streets at the nearest intersection, just to ensure we are in the right spot.

If the event takes place during daylight hours, we do not need an outlet to plug into. In the case where the event will take place when dark we do ask for access to an outlet within 200 feet of where the trailer will be setup.

If the ground is dry, it should not damage the lawn. Of course, this is a heavy trailer. If it has been raining this could cause damage.

Additional time should be planned, as there may be other scheduled events. You can ask the day of the event; in the case we do not have another scheduled event we may be able to do so. Please do not plan on this being available though.

Payments & Cancellation

We require a $100 non-refundable deposit when booking. The remainder of the balance is required to be paid 7 days in advance before the event date. Extra time must be booked in advance as we may have other events lined up. There is a $1.25 additional fee for mileage away from P.O.BOX 1933 Elyria, OH 44036. This will be an additional invoice.

Moving Targets CLE throwing deposit in non-refundable. A rebooking fee of $50 is charged in you need to change your date and time.

Alcohol and Food

Moving Targets CLE has the right to turn away anyone we feel may be unsafe to participate, under the influence of another mind-altering substance.

YES, in most cases. For pop-up events at locations where they serve food you cannot.


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